Senior Spotlight : Seth O’Gara


Alexus Yale, Staff

Being involved with things in high school will make your high school experience exciting, better, and overall, more enjoyable. Many different things that Seth O’Gara, 12, is involved in includes weightlifting, and wrestling. After 4 years of high school, O’Gara has made a lot of progress but also, he has made a lot of friends in high school. Some he will keep in the next chapter of his life but also, some that he will leave behindA friendship is someone you can trust and who always has your back, O’Gara said. After graduation on June 52021, O’Gara will be starting the next chapter of his life that will not require him getting up at 7 am and that will not require him to sit in a desk for the 4,320 hours throughout his high school journey, well unless he goes to college. “After high school I plan on going to UWF to get my bachelor’s in biology and become a high school science teacher, and become the weightlifting and wrestling coach, I also want to become a bodybuilder and compete in bodybuilding,” O’Gara said. After the past 4 years in high school, we asked O’Gara if he had a farewell/good luck message to the underclassmen. “Enjoy every moment of high school because it will be over before you know it,O’Gara said. During his final farewell, O’Gara wanted all his underclassmen teammates to know that “they have a lot to live up to and to not give up on what you want.”