A Team in the Making


Hannah Zagar, Editor in Chief

Working all day every day these Lady Patriots train, lift, and condition before their season even starts. These girls have made basketball the center of their life for years and it’s all about to pay off. With tryouts coming up, these young ladies spend their sixth period every day training for the season to come. “I thought I was going to pass out the first week of high school. We have to condition outside on the football field almost every day,” Hope Zagar said.

Most of this year’s team traveled to Florida State University this summer to participate in a basketball camp. They took this time to focus on working well together and becoming closer as a team. They shared dorms, ate huge meals, and played against other high school teams. Team members played together learning how to work as a team so their upcoming season will be worth it. “Basketball is super fun, and Coach Gill is great. I love the feeling of making a shot. I pretty much just love the whole thing,” Zagar said.