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Alyssa Leanza
Alyssa Leanza's summer included a trip to  Europe where she gained enough memories to last a lifetime. She walked the streets of Paris and Bordeaux in France, and she sampled all the food that Spain had to offer in the cities of Madrid and Bibao. "I really like their culture and how they aren't glued to their phones," Leanza said. She got to experience her very first Siesta; it occurs mid-day from two to five in the afternoon, everyone gets off work and goes home to take a nap. It took Leanza a little while to adjust to France's everyday traditions, but she really enjoyed being there. In France, they even leave home after eight in the afternoon to take strolls and talk to everyone in their cities. When Leanza was in Spain, she indulged in raw salmon and fried whole crabs on bread. "The raw salmon was like sushi, but it was a big fish on a plate, and when eating the crab I just had to close my eyes because it was also a whole crab that was just fried and put on bread," Leanza said. So all-in-all, Leanza had a great time and enjoyed the Spanish culture.

Story By: Brianna Malden-Gould

Alyssa Leanza , Sports Editor

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