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Brianna Malden-Gould
Brianna Malden-Gould has been described by the Yearbook staff as "an energetic, passionate  member." She is going on her second year of membership and is one of  co-photo editors on leadership alongside Chloe Fair. Outside of her photography skills, she has many other hobbies: shopping, babysitting, and helping the community.

“I love to shop anywhere in the mall but mostly Victoria Secret or Nike,” Malden-Gould said. When she’s not shopping or working on yearbook, she babysits her two nephews and niece. Currently, Malden-Gould is trying to join the Sparks group. “It’s a group that helps the community, and I really want to be a part of it,” Malden-Gould said. This summer, she had some off time from yearbook and traveled to Jacksonville for her birthday and saw a Jumbo Shrimps baseball game. Malden-Gould said, “A ball almost hit me, but my uncle deflected it and caught it. He gave it to me to keep!” The next morning, Malden-Gould and her family flew to Canada to see the Niagra Falls. “Our hotel was so close that we could see The Falls from our hotel room window. It was so beautiful,” Malden-Gould said.

Outside of yearbook, Malden-Gould has many hobbies and has made lots of memories with her travels. “I’m so excited for this upcoming yearbook and getting to work with new people,” Malden-Gould said.

Story by: Alyssa Leanza

Brianna Malden-Gould, Photo Editor

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