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Madison Snowden
After completing a full year as a yearbook staffer, Madison Snowden has learned all about self-discipline. Her hobby outside of school, however, teaches her the most. She enjoys horseback riding at the Emerald Coast Equestrian Club. Snowden found her passion at a young age, and has enjoyed the hobby ever since. "I had a friend in my neighborhood that introduced me to riding horses about ten years ago. There weren't many equestrian clubs where I lived, and I found out about the Emerald Coast Equestrian Club in Pace. It was one of the reasons we moved here," Snowden said. She practices every day, with more rigorous lessons in between to train for competitions. "I make sure to ride every day, and I have lessons twice a week. When I'm just riding for fun I work with my younger horse to train her. During lessons, I focus on my posture and jumps more, and ride my more experienced horse," Snowden said. Snowden enjoys riding as a hobby and competes for fun. Her future in horseback riding seems to be the same way. "For right now, it'll be a hobby. It's hard to maintain riding as a career; it can be pretty expensive, and relying on competitions for an income seems kind of risky. I like riding and compete often just for fun," Snowden said. Riding goes beyond just a hobby for Snowden, creating life long passion and friendships. "You really make a connection to the horses you ride. Every horse is different, and every horse has something to offer. I've learned a lot by riding horses, but the horse will always teach you the most," Snowden said.

Story by: Sam Barlow

Madison Snowden, Staff Member

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