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Sam Barlow
Aspiring young artist, Sam Barlow, is the current Liberator Reference Editor. Judging by her favorite jacket, anyone who sees her can instantly tell she is an artist. It is no surprise that her strong artistic ability is what influenced her to join yearbook the previous year. Going on her second year of membership, Barlow continues to be very committed to her job and her art.

Besides spending a lot of time creating the yearbook, Barlow likes to create abstract art that has “purpose and a deeper meaning.” Barlow has always been artistic, but she started taking classes in seventh grade. When entering high school, the young prodigy skipped the first level of art. “Sometimes the advanced class is a little difficult because I was not taught the basics,” Barlow said. Despite the challenges, Barlow plans to use her ability to her advantage in the future. “As of right now, I would love to be a graphic designer or play in a band professionally. Through whatever career I choose, I want to use my voice to advocate my personal beliefs and express myself through art,” Barlow said. All in all, “I wish people showed more appreciation for art. Art is not confined to a drawing or a painting, it is everything. Even music and writing are art,” Barlow said. 

Sam Barlow, Coverage Editor

Aug 25, 2020
Food Raising Friends (Story)
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Sam Barlow